Toddler brushing tips


There’s probably nothing more challenging than brushing the teeth of a fiercely independent toddler! Approach the task consistently and from a very early age to help your toddler get comfortable with the routine and you might even have fun together.

1-Stand behind your child facing the sink.
2-Rest your child’s head against your stomach to minimize squirming and to see all of your toddler’s teeth.
3-Clean front, back and chewing surface of each tooth, as well as the sides of the mouth and the tongue.
4.Set an egg timer and alternate brushing your toddler’s teeth – you for 30 seconds, your toddler for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence 4 times.

Cananadian Dental Association recommends parents watch to see that their child is doing a good job, and that parents actually do one brushing per day. Between ages of 5 to 7 children are usually able to do a good job; however, it’s a good idea for parents to stay involved and double-check.

(Recommended as per the Canadian Dental Association)

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