At North Burnaby Dental Group, we work with our patients to develop your treatment plan that fits your needs and creates a healthy and vibrant smile. Each new patient begins with a thorough, comprehensive exam with one of our dentists. Then, together, with personalized treatment plan is developed, which may include any of our services.


  • Whitening – Our at-home whitening system is easy to use and can brighten your teeth in a matter of days. We’ll create custom trays in which you place the professional whitening gel. Simply wear the trays for a few hours a day—preferably while you sleep—and you’ll have a progressively brighter smile. Typically, treatment takes three weeks.  We also offer whitening by zoom.
  • Veneers – Veneers are thin, tooth-colored ceramic shells permanently bonded to the front of your teeth. Custom shaped and shaded to complement your smile and facial structure, veneers are a lasting fix for cracked, chipped, stained, or slightly misaligned teeth. They resist permanent staining from food, drinks and cigarettes.
  • Bonding – With the application and sculpting of composite resin, we can restore damaged teeth, fill in gaps, and brighten your smile.
  • Re-contouring – By removing a small amount of enamel, we can change a tooth’s length, shape and appearance. Re-contouring is fast and easy, and you’ll enjoy results immediately.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign is an aesthetic orthodontic technique that corrects malocclusion using a series of custom-made, nearly invisible, comfortable, removable aligners. Straightening your teeth can correct crowding and help maintain your dental health.
  • All-ceramic restorations – For optimal esthetics we offer metal-free options for crowns and bridges which are a strong and beautiful way to restore teeth to a very natural look.
  • In-house laboratory – We are very lucky to have the state-of-the-art 3D Dental Lab within the North Burnaby Dental Group building which allows our dentists and laboratory technician/artist work together closely to achieve excellent esthetic results. This can also save time for you when custom shade and design work is necessary.

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