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I just saw Dr. Houchmand. He is a fantastic Dentist. I highly recommend him.

Received Jan. 7, 2014

Emma - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand did my front crowns for me. They look extremely natural and he gave me exactly what I wanted. I'm very happy and I would recommend him to everyone.

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I've always been scared of going to a dentist since I was a kid but after seeing Dr.Houchmand my fear has gone away, he was so patient with me. I had a few cavities and also had to pull 3 of my wisdom teeth. When he told me he done and I'm good to go, I couldn't believe it. He did all that without me feeling any pain. Even the recovery was easy. I'm very happy to have him as my dentist.

You are awesome Dr. Houchmand. Thank you so much :)

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand has been my dentist for over 9 yrs. My family sees him,
my friends see him. He is the first dentist I ever had that has
listened to my concerns. Although his practise is very busy, he always has time to explain
and educate in detail. He will not do anything until I understand what
is necessary to maintain my oral health.

His staff is also amazing! I never thought going to the dentist could
be so warm and welcoming. Most of the staff have been there many years
and seem to really enjoy what they do.

I never imagined I would ever say this, but going to this dental
practise is a pleasure!! I highly recommend Dr. Houchmand and can say
with sincerity, you will not regret it.

Carol - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand is AMAZING! After searching for years for a dentist I was happy with, my in-laws recommended him and I'm so happy they did! I have had nothing but friendly and informative interactions with him. He replaced all of my silver on the right side, with no issues. He suggested a newer, less invasive mouth guard which is wonderful, and just this morning fixed a slight chip on my front tooth - free of charge! Carol was kind enough to squeeze me into his schedule, which was so appreciated! He lets you know what he's doing, as he's doing it so there is no wondering what the heck is going on in your mouth. I can't say enough good about them. I don't dread going to the dentist anymore. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone! He does GREAT work. 

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I have been going to NBDG for 15 years now. Everyone has been so great and helpful. Dr. Houchmand and his staff have done a fabulous job taking care of my teeth. Front desk staff is always so attentive. The team you have really shines through. Thank you for being so great to my family and I.

Vina - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Thank you for caring attitude and top quality work. How refreshing to have a dentist who is professional and personable!

Shelley - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I have and will keep recommending Dr. Houchmand without hesitation. My whole family and some friends are his patients now. I just wish I had found him sooner.

Dr. Houchmand always explains the procedures with great detail so that you will fully understand. If there are other options available he will let you know too. He cares when you have discomfort and follows up the next day when you have major dental work done. In the past, I have never had a dentist call to check up on me until I became Dr. Houchmand’s patient. The office staff are the best. They always help to accommodate my crazy schedules. Dr. Houchmand and his staff have even worked through their lunch hour for me when I needed to go in immediately.

I went to North Burnaby Dental 11 years ago unhappy with my teeth. I never wanted to smile and would try to hide my teeth, especially in photos. Dr. Houchmand has made it possible for me to smile and laugh again with confidence. I can honestly say I enjoy my visits and my kids are not afraid of the dentist. Just recently he helped a friend of mine on a tight budget.

Dr. Houchmand, thank you for your TLC, generosity and excellent work.

Linda - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I am writing to share with you my experience with North Burnaby Dental since my first visit 7 years ago. Prior to my first meeting I had not been to the dentist for several years due to financial constraints and as a result of previous negative and painful experiences with dentists. Dr. Houchmand was able to relieve me of both of these apprehensions on my very first visit. After my first exam Dr. Houchmand reviewed my file with me, carefully taking the time to explain what my current needs were and what treatment I would need in the future and why. At every meeting Dr. Houchmand took the time to let me know what treatment options were available and worked with me to provide top quality service that fit with my budget at the time. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Right from the first meeting it was very obvious that Dr. Houchmand placed his patients’ needs first and that he is highly dedicated to the care and comfort of his patients. Before every appointment Dr. Houchmand went through a consultation with me to let me know where we were in the process and what was left to be completed.

While in the chair Dr. Houchmand would thoroughly explain every procedure before he began work to ensure that I was comfortable, and that there were no unexpected surprises. Every treatment I received was delivered in the utmost comfort and relaxing environment. As a result I no longer fear the dentist office and actually look forward to seeing Dr. Houchmand and all the staff at North Burnaby Dental.

Dr. Houchmand and staff have always gone out of their way to accommodate my schedule whenever possible, often times staying late to finish an appointment or coming in early to make sure I was able to attend to my daily commitments on time.

I started my seven year journey as a person who was afraid of the dentist and unable to smile due to my insecurity about the shape of my teeth. Today I am a much happier person and take full advantage to show off my wonderful smile at every opportunity! Thank you so much for giving me my smile back.

Clint - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I was referred to Dr. Houchmand in March 2004. I have had extensive dental work done IE: periodontal surgery, bridges and lastly caps. I can’t say enough about Dr. Houchmand’s excellent work, and pain free, I might add. He is very precise in his work and follow up. I wish I had gone to Dr. Houchmand a lot sooner. The staff at Burnaby Dental Group are just great and Dr. Houchmand is the best dentist I’ve ever had.

Diana - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Just want to let you know how grateful I am for all your kindness and amazing work. We always brag that we have the best dentist.

Kay - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand is an absolutely amazing dentist, I got a root canal done, and I didn't feel a thing, and the pain was next to nothing! He is so caring, and very passionate with his work. I recommend him to everyone. He is very caring!

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I've been Doctor Houchmand's patient for many years. He's very professional at what he does. He takes the time to explain everything and makes sure you're comfortable and at ease during the entire time. I've never felt pain or any discomfort. His staff is amazing. You never have the feeling of being at a dental office. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

He is very helpful, friendly and professional. And he is very good with my 3 yr old. Also never have to wait long and the staff are friendly.

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand is the best dentist I have ever been to! He is very patient, kind, caring, and will take the time to listen to your concerns.

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Excellent dentist, very personable, respectful and shows that he cares about his patients. Takes the time to explain the procedure and treatment. Highly recommended dentist.

Patient of Dr. Houchmand

Dr. Houchmand is the best dentist ever! He is aware of most recent innovations in dentistry and is very kind and friendly.

North Burnaby Dental Group Feedback Form - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

I started seeing Dr. Houchmand over a year ago - having such a fear of dentists I had not been to one in about 15 years. When my teeth started causing me all kinds of problems , I gathered enough courage to see a Dentist. Dr. Houchmand who was recommended to me by my very close friends. Upon my very first visit, Dr. Houchmand made me feel so very comfortable . His assistants Danielle & Linda were absolutely wonderful and made me feel so very much at ease. Over the next year I had to have a lot of work done to my teeth, including extractions, fillings, bridge work, root canals etc. I had no problem going to my appointments. Dr. Houchmand always made me feel so comfortable , I could hardly even feel any of the needles going in. He is a very caring, an amazing Dentist. After all my dental work was done, he gave me the most beautiful smile. He did a wonderful job and is a very skilled Dentist. After my work was finished, my dental coverage had been pretty well used up. I had an outstanding amount which I would have had to make instalments on and was quite worried about it - Dr. Houchmand wrote it off for me. I couldn't believe it. I can't say enough good things about him and his team. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Houchmand.

Received May 21, 2015

Charlene - Patient of Dr. Houchmand

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