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Thanks to Dr. Ajar’s amazing gentle touch and surgical finesse, the removal of teeth under IV sedation was virtually painless. To anyone with ‘dental phobia’ like myself, I highly recommend Dr. Ajar. I can thank you enough!

Peter - Patient of Dr. Ajar

Dr. Ajar is one of the best medical professionals I've ever visited. He took the time to answer all of my questions prior to surgery (the removal of 4 impacted wisdom teeth), and has diligently followed up with me afterwards. His staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, and made a nerve-wracking experience more comfortable than I would have expected. I have been treated very well by Dr Ajar and his staff, and I would highly recommend this team to everyone who needs a great dentist!

Patient of Dr. Ajar

Dr. Ajar did my implant, my dad's extractions and my grandfather's implants. Have had great experiences each time. Very professional staff, the entire process went smoothly. Recommended him to my family members, so I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs dental extractions or implants.

Patient of Dr. Ajar

Dr Ajar removed two of my wisdom teeth. The initial consultation was greatly calming, having him answer all my (probably crazy) questions. He spent the better part of an hour with me going over all the reasons to do the surgery, the potential side affects and risks. On the day of the extraction, Dr Ajar was again very calming, explaining again so extra information to my wife who was there to help me home afterwards. Dr Ajar even allowed me to film the whole procedure, showing me everything that happened after I'd been sedated! He was professional and helpful and followed up with me after the surgery. He even gave me his cell number to call out of hours if I had questions or problems. A week later I went back for a check up and all was healing perfectly. I know there are many dental surgeons out there, but with Dr Ajar, you've probably found one of the best.

Patient of Dr. Ajar

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent experience (never thought I’d say that about the dentist!). I recently had your surgery, when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. I wanted to especially thank the assistant who walked me to the car. The staff were very friendly and professional during what was a uneasy operation for me.

Chris - Patient of Dr. Ajar

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