How Does Teeth Whitening Work

Maybe you’ve always wanted a beautiful white smile. Or your teeth have yellowed over time. Or you’re not happy with the staining that has resulted from drinking coffee, tea or cola. Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, you’re not alone.

Surface stains and internal discoloration can be caused by the natural aging process, the use of tobacco, the things we eat, and even from the use of the antibiotic tetracycline during childhood. Regardless of the cause though, it is common and natural to look to tooth whitening as a means to boost confidence and promote a younger, healthy appearance.

Spa Dent Burnaby Dentist Teeth Whitening

At North Burnaby Dental Group we are proud to offer whitening with the Spa-dent system, which provides the maximum whitening benefit in the least amount of time with virtually no sensitivity. Using only the highest quality, naturally compounded ingredients, the Spa-dent whitening formula is safe for enamel, and is the No. 1 choice on the market for people with tooth sensitivity.

How does it work? The revolutionary gel formulation is placed in dual arch mouth trays with the precise dosage of whitening material. A unique blue and red LED light activates the gel, providing powerful whitening with cellular stimulation. Hydroxyl radicals penetrate the tooth enamel to break down stains into progressively smaller particles. This process will penetrate but not harm or damage the tooth enamel, including caps, crowns and veneers. The effect whitens the whole “smile” area of a patient’s teeth.

The Spa-dent process is guaranteed to safely and effectively whiten your teeth by two to eight full shades. We recognize that when choosing an option for whitening your teeth, it’s important to consider what works best for not only your appearance, but your health and lifestyle as well. The Spa-dent process eliminates the risks and inconvenience associated with pharmacy whitening and allows you to achieve superior results, in a fraction of the time, at almost the same price, supervised under the care of your dental professional.

Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, the Spa-dent whitening product is sweetened with xylitol, a widely recognized natural sweetener that is not only safe and great tasting, but has also been proven to contribute to a reduction in tooth decay. The consistent and stable whitening effects of carbamide peroxide are complemented by the addition of potassium nitrate, which reduces tooth sensitivity, resulting in an optimally white smile that feels as good as it looks. Virtually PH neutral, the whitening gel causes no harm to your tooth enamel. Spa-dent uses state-of-the-art Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology for high-speed, safe, ultraviolet-free, light-activated teeth whitening. This is a superior process, as LED lights do not produce light by the heating of metal filaments as do other light sources, and no heat means reduced tooth sensitivity.

The Spa-Dent system gives long-lasting results, and is safe for caps, crowns, or veneers, and will remove the stains that naturally accumulate on these over time as a result of normal eating and drinking. It has been proven safe and effective even for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Another safe and effective treatment for teeth whitening are take home trays.  For more information about the trays or about Spa-dent teeth whitening and if it’s for you, please speak to any one of us at North Burnaby Dental Group.


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