Dental X-Rays – What Do They Show?

As part of a regular dental check up, dental x-rays are taken.  Have you ever wondered the purpose of x-rays are how they are a valuable tool for your health?

Simply put, x-rays help your dentist to see problems in the mouth that a naked eye cannot. They help your dentist to evaluate and diagnose oral diseases.

Dental x-rays help to:

  • View problems in the mouth and find tooth decay, damage to bones that support the teeth and broken roots.
  • See teeth that are being developed and whether or not these teeth are going to break through the gum properly.  This includes permanent teeth in the jaw of children whose baby teeth have not fallen out, as well as wisdom teeth in teens and adults.
  • Check for cysts, abscesses or other growths.
  • Make a treatment plan for straightening teeth
  • Make a treatment plan for surgeries such as dental implants, removal of teeth or root canals.

How Often Should I Have a Dental X-Ray Done?

The frequency of getting dental x-rays can be unique for every patient and practice.  The Dentists at North Burnaby Dental Group generally perform yearly x-rays on their patients.   Some patients may need x-rays every six months if they are prone to cavities and are a high risk for decay.

At every dental check up, we evaluate your current oral condition and determine at that time if x-rays should be taken, but factors that would determine the frequency depend on the medical and dental history as well as current conditionals of oral health. .

If you are a new patient, your dentist may take X-rays as part of the initial exam and will use these to be able to compare changes the occur over time.

Should I Have Concerns About Dental X-Rays?

There are several different ways that x-rays can be taken.  For most of us we are likely familiar with x-rays being done with a film tab or digitally.

North Burnaby Dental Group uses up to date, equipment and technology and offers patients digital x-rays. The advantages are far lower exposure to radiation, no uncomfortable paper film in the patients mouth,  environmentally sustainable as there are no messy developing solutions or film waste,  images can be viewed immediately and the x-rays are visible in larger screen format to facilitate patient education.

We also offer pan x-rays using Intra-oral Cameras, Velscopes and Diagnodent.  These tools allow for you to see what your dentist can see in your mouth, aids in early detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions in the mouth and oropharynx as well as detecting early tooth decay.

If you are pregnant, it is advised that x-rays are taken after the pregnancy so be sure to let your dentist know.

Dental x-rays deliver very little radiations and are an important part of your dental visits.

If you have questions or concerns about dental x-rays please do not hesitate to contact our office or speak to your Burnaby Dental at your next visit.

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