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Is Going To The Dentist Safe While Pregnant?

The dentists from North Burnaby Dental Group provide information about oral care, dental procedures while pregnant. A common question that many people ask is whether it is okay to undergo dental procedures or do dental check-ups while pregnant. The answer … Continue reading

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When Should Fillings Be Replaced?

Dental fillings are intended to restore or replace the tooth structure that has been lost to decay. These fillings may remain functional for many years. However, constant pounding from eating and drinking, particularly from clenching and grinding may be a … Continue reading

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Dental X-Rays – What Do They Show?

As part of a regular dental check up, dental x-rays are taken.  Have you ever wondered the purpose of x-rays are how they are a valuable tool for your health? Simply put, x-rays help your dentist to see problems in … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays, called radiographs, are the fastest, simplest and most effective way to fully see roots, nerves, ligaments, and the bone that surround the teeth, while minimizing radiation exposure to patients.  This information is used by your dentist to determine … Continue reading

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