Burnaby Dentist Awards and Recognition

Choosing the right dentist for yourself and your family requires careful consideration.  Since oral health care is a very personalized service, a trusting relationship between the patient and dentist is required. 

While the process of choosing a “dentist in Burnaby” that is right for you and your family may take a bit of time and research, ultimately it is one that will be worth your while, as there is no comparison to the peace of mind that results from having a dentist that you trust and feel comfortable with.

In efforts to find a dentist that will best serve you and your families needs, it is important to find a dentist that is not only licensed, belongs to industry associations, is credible, reputable and has received awards to back up their professionalism.

Memberships to dental associations ensure that their members follow a strict code of conduct or principles that will benefit the patients. Some of the principles that must be followed by a dentist under an association are objectivity, professional integrity and confidentiality. You can also be assured that the dentist will conduct treatments with utmost respect and consideration. These principles will make sure that the dentist sees patients ethically from the consultation to the actual performance.

North Burnaby Dental Group and our dentists are honoured to have been the recipient of several dental awards over the years.  The recognition is one of the finest compliments our dentists can receive. Burnaby Dentist Awards

We have received awards for: 

Opencare 2015 Patient’s Choice Award
2015 Best of Burnaby Dentist Burnaby Now Award
2012 AList Burnaby Dentist News Leader Award
2010 AList Burnaby Dentist News Leader Award 

As voted by the people of Burnaby, North Burnaby Dental Group is the No. 1 dental office in Burnaby, we are open seven days a week, including evenings, so convenient appointment times are never an issue.  Our modern offices are the largest in the Burnaby Heights, with over 4000 square feet, 14 operatories, and state-of-the-art equipment. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding, individualized care to our patients, and it is this high standard of care and solid reputation that has resulted in generations of families, even those that have now grown up and moved to different suburbs, returning to our offices year after year for all of their dental needs.

With our experienced, licensed and well-awarded dentists, you can put your mind at ease and benefit from top-notch dental services.  We are looking forward to helping you with any of your dental needs.

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